Our team serves your team

James Cook
James is a retired Army Aviator who has led dozens of teams caring for under-served populations. He has worked with a variety of missions involving health clinics, occupational therapy, ocular prosthesis, water purification, and the construction of a therapeutic playground for special needs children.
He has been to Guatemala, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Togo, and Swaziland. Additionally, he established collaborative clinics in Virginia focusing on continuity of care for the homeless and uninsured, impoverished populations. His attention to the big picture as well as the smallest details has enabled hundreds to serve thousands. His love for the Lord fuels his passion to serve.

Photo taken in Xenacoj, Guatemala
Vision becomes experience
Kathy Bogacz, MD

Kathy is an internist who has traveled to Guatemala, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Swaziland, and Kenya for medical mission work. She assisted James in establishing the collaborative clinics in Virginia. Additionally, she serves as the Chief Medical Officer for Medical Outreach at the Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine. She has a heart for serving the Lord wherever she can use her medical skills.

Photo taken in Chiquimula, Guatemala.
Board of Directors
Jonathan Giles                            Stephen Parke                                Jerry Bogacz                                 Kathy Bogacz,                       James Cook